Welcome to the Video Conference
Registration Web Site

Conference attendees may register (or login if already registered) and select sessions to attend.

There is a $10 fee per session charged to their pseudo account.

Members may pay when the sessions are selected or at a later time. Sessions selected may be changed as desired.

If the member overpays for the sessions or reduces the number of already paid sessions, a credit may be requested for their pseudo account.

A confirming email is sent to the member for all session selections and fee transactions. (Please use a valid email address so you will receive the confirmation.)

Lost passwords are replaced by temporary random password emailed to the member. Please change to a new password at next login.

Members who are logged in may view a list of registered members and a list of what members are attending which sessions.

Please log out or close your browser when finished to end your transaction activities.

Documentation for the design of this website is available by the link in the footer navigation bar.