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Lesson 7 Supplemental Resources

Bells and Whistles This link leads to many free graphic images available from the Bells and Whistles Web site. To find images that you can use as dividing lines, look for links to horizontal rules under the Non-Animated Graphics (web graphics) and GIF Animated Graphics (web graphics) headings on the page. To copy a line to a folder on your own computer, right-click the line and choose Save Picture As. Make sure you right-click right on the line you wish to copy.

Absolute Web Graphics Archive This link takes you to more graphic images predesigned for use as dividing lines. When you get to the page, click any category name to see lines within that category.

Lines for Web Design Here you'll find still more graphic line images, organized into themes.—Lines This link takes you to the first page of many animated graphic lines. Click the Next link at the top of each page to move on to the next line.

Box Model Read the W3C's official documentation for the CSS box model.